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Promote your business on Secret Salons and reach as many as 200,000 US visitors a month. You're 5 minutes and 3 steps away from a wealth of new business opportunities.

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Target up to 3 US postcodes with your ads to reach the audience you want. Alternatively you can choose to target your city as a whole for just $ 12.50 a week.

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Postcode: Free!


City: $ 12.50 / week

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Why advertise with Secret Salons?

Secret Salons is the fastest growing beauty directory on the web with over 200,000 monthly visitors just one year after our launch, and we're rapidly expanding even now! We also give you the chance to advertise exactly where you need to be, with postcode or city-based targeting for fantastic prices. You can reach a highly targeted audience with your own ads - so you choose the message, and you choose where you send them to. If internet business advertising is in your marketing plan, you shouldn't miss this opportunity.



How much does it cost?

Secret Salons advertising works on a monthly basis, so targeting 3 postcodes with your ads costs just £20 for a month. City-based advertising, which reaches a broader market, costs £50/month. It is one of the few cheap internet advertising marketing startegies online.



How many locations can I target? 

For every 3 postcodes we charge just £5 a week. Ads cost £12.50 per city.



Where will my ads be displayed? 

Ads are displayed on the right hand navigation of search results as "featured salons".You can see an image of the ads in situe - LINK -here.



What is the reach of my ads? 

Your reach will very much depend on which locations you choose to display your ads, but we receive an average of 200,000 visitors a month to the site (a figure that is growing month on month) from all around the UK. Each postcode has an average of 60 pages where you ads will be displayed; cities have around 600 pages.

 Our audience is primarely female (90% women and 10% men) and ideal if you want to advertise to women.


I've created my ads and made my payment - why can't I see my ads? 

Patience my dear! It usually takes around 2-3 hours for your ads to go live. If you have any further issues, get in touch via our contact form



What is my minimum length of commitment? 

We ask that you commit to a rolling monthly direct debit. You can cancel your subscription any time up to 7 days after purchasing your ads. To cancel, simply drop us an email via our contact form.



Can I buy more postcodes or locations? 

Why of course! Extra postcodes are charged at £5 for 3 locations. Cities are £12.50 per additional city targeted. Feel free to contact us to expand your location targeting.


Any other questions - feel free drop us a line via our contact form and we'll endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.



Further premium advertising opportunities:


To enquire about any of the below, use our contact form.


Homepage Feature: £200/month - Ideal for cheap banner advertising targeting women.


Gallery Sponsorship: hair stylist or salon? Grab a featured gallery in our images section. Rates vary.


Premium Package: Display your ads on every page of Secret Salons for £1000/month.


Lead Generation: Grab targeted leads to your business through Secret Salons. Rates vary.


SEO/PPC Packages: Secret Salons was founded by the Orchid Box, an online marketing agency based in Central London.  If your budget is over £2k a month , please get in touch with Orchid Box and we can help you.