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Windsor 6095

As a major tourist destination, Windsor has many facilities that also support the well-being of its residents. Besides Windsor Castle, there are also other famous attractions such as Legoland, which is a popular theme park for families with children, based on the toy building blocks. Windsor also boasts vast national parks such as Savill Garden and Valley Gardens. Eton and Dorney is an area where the famous Eton College is located. The school has been here since the 1440s. The Windsor Eye is a recent addition to the Windsor landscape and allows visitors to view Windsor's sights from over 50 metres above the ground in pods similar to those found on the London Eye. Windsor is within a 20 minute drive from Heathrow, has two railway stations and excellent bus, road, and river links, making it an easy place to navigate and access. The town is accessible from Junction 6 of the M4 and from Slough via a dual-carriageway. The two railway stations in Windsor are Windsor & Eton Central railway station, which connects Slough and London Paddington, running west bound to Reading, and Windsor & Eton Riverside station that provides services to London Waterloo. Windsor is connected to the town of Eton by the Windsor Bridge. Eton College is one of the most prestigious educational establishments in the country. In SL4, the nearest primary school is St Edwards Royal Free Ecumenical Middle School, on Parsonage Lane and for secondary schools, the Windsor Boys' School, just across the A332 on Maidenhead Road is the closest.

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