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Kensington 66951

Kensington High Street, boasting a mélange of clothing stores and the brand new three-storey Whole Foods, is the central shopping district of Kensington. There are pubs scattered all over the area. Elephant and Castle, the Cathreine Wheel, and the Churchill Arms are the three most notable. Due to its central location and vast shopping opportunities, W8 has a thriving bar scene. These bars seem to have a bit of a touristy vibe, but they also cater to the locals. High St. Kensington Underground Station is located directly in the centre of W8 and caters to the District and Circle lines. W8 is in the heart of London and if you can't find what you're looking for it will only be a short underground trip away.W8 has easy access to both Holland Park and Kensington Gardens, two very large public parks. These parks offer endless sporting opportunities for the children and pets as there is plenty of space to run around.

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