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Chatham 71226

Among the interesting things to do while in Chatham, a visit to the historic dockyard at Chatham is a must! Films such as Sherlock Holmes, The Golden Compass, The Mummy, The World is Not Enough and television broadcasts such as Vanity Fair were all shot here. Take a sweep through the National Museums at the dockyard which feature maritime photo and landscape galleries, as well as exhibitions which explore war, trade, technology, science, migration, etc. The dockyard also features tours of the Cold War submarine, HMS Ocelot as well as the WWII destroyer, HMS Cavalier. There is something for everyone at the dockyard, along with plenty of shops for children and parents alike. Another great place to check out is Rochester Cathedral, England's second oldest cathedral, which served as a place of pilgrimage for over 1,400 years and has literary links to Dickens. Another beautiful site worth visiting is the Admiral's Gardens (located within Chatham dockyard). These gardens have evolved since the 14th century, tended by generations of gardeners, and are now open for the public to enjoy.
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