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This is the place to come for body and beauty tips, advice, and ideas. There are money saving ideas, quick make up fixes for ladies in a hurry, and much more to keep you looking and feeling beautiful. We have researched the very best the beauty world has to offer to help make your life easier, but also to ensure that you are never left in the dark about the latest treatments.

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  • Lady Gaga’s Top Five Hairstyles

    Regardless of whether you like her music or not, one thing usually pops into everyone’s head when they hear the name ‘Lady Gaga’; eccentricity. The Queen of quirkiness, Lady Gaga has pulled on and off a plethora of different bizarre, quirky and idiosyncratic styles and outfits. H ... read more

  • Make a Statement with Chunky Jewellery

    It’s that time of year again, time to get out our nicest frocks and highest heels – or find an excuse to treat ourselves to some new ones – for the end of year blow-outs that we look forward to for months. If you really want to make a fashion statement this year, there’s one ... read more

  • Halloween hair and make up tutorials

    We know that many of you will be pulling your Halloween costumes together in a hurry! Some of you are probably thinking: eek, who am I going to be? Well we’ve scoured the bottomless resources of awesome makeup and hair tutorials known as Youtube to bring you our picks of the best Halloween mak ... read more

  • Hairdresser Average Salary: How Much Should You Earn?

    Being a hairdresser is a delightful job that offers an array of perks. Instead of being stuck in a boring, dingy and quiet office, hairdressers work in vibrant environments and generally spend the day chatting away at whim. There’s also the satisfaction of polishing the looks of their clie ... read more

  • Best Bejewelled Olympic Athletes

    Athletes aren’t just winning gold, silver and bronze at the Olympics and Paralympics, they’re also flashing some pretty expensive jewellery. We’ve listed our three favourite athletic stars and their signature jewels. Who were you cheering on in London and do their fashion choices i ... read more

  • Stay On Trend For A/W 12 With Lashings Of Colour

    The upcoming autumn/winter season is sure to be an exciting time in the world of beauty. Unlike the expected deep autumnal shades of purple and brown to provide some much-needed comfort in the dreary weather, the catwalks this year were awash with bright shades of blue, green and orange. But if y ... read more

  • Stella McCartney Kits Out Team GB for Gold

    Stella McCartney was the obvious choice when considerations were made as to who would design Team Great Britain’s kit for the London Olympics 2012. With major fashion designers making contributions to their countries through the creation of kits, it was apt that the host country got a juggerna ... read more

  • Your Guide To Becoming A Pinterest Fashion Guru

    If you want to get recognized as a fashion guru, Pinterest is the way to do it. No other social media service directly targets women like Pinterest has done. And if there’s one thing that unites women, that something is fashion. So, how can you use Pinterest to become a fashion guru?  Fi ... read more

  • The Perfect Make up Bag

    What essentials should be in your make up bag? We’re exploring and testing the products that should be in your make up bag, we know money can often be tight so we’ve created a list of products that you should have with you at all times to maintain that glam look. 1. First and f ... read more

  • Fashion Technology Turns Milk into Silk

    When one considers fashion technology, perhaps the furthest thing from anyone’s mind is stale or spoiled foods, but one German biochemist turned fashion designer is doing just that. Every year millions of tons of milk not safe for human consumption is discarded in Europe and one ingenious bioc ... read more

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