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Gloucester 1930

Getting around in the city is safe and easy. The layout of the main streets is adopted from the late Saxon times, during the reign of Ethelfleda. The streets are arranged in a cross-layout, with large pedestrian areas. Gloucester is home to a rich heritage and tales which are embedded in landmarks such as Gloucester Cathedral, Eastgate Viewing Chamber and Gloucester Docks. Besides the old historic constructions, there are also a number of modern buildings located in the heart of city. Some noteworthy examples include: The Museum and School of Art and Science, the County Jail, the Shire Hall and the Whitefield Memorial Church. Gloucestershire is also famous for its spa town, Cheltenham, which is situated about 10 miles from the town of Gloucester. For recreation and leisure, Gloucester offers a wide range of shopping facilities. Many high street shops are located within its central pedestrian area. Adjacent to this is also a market, and the designer outlet “Gloucester Quays”, which is located next to the Peel Centre Complex. People living in Gloucester benefit from i extensive transportation links. For residential areas on the outskirts of the town, access to a car would be beneficial, although there are buses that run throughout the postcode district. The town sits a short distance from junction 11 on the M5. Gloucester Railway Station is located very close to the city centre, and provides frequent services to London, Birmingham and Wales. There are three top-ranked schools in Gloucester, two of which are located in GL1: Sir Thomas Rich's for boys, and The Crypt School (formerly known as St Mary de Crypt).

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