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Hayes 23072

Hillingdon is quite far from the centre of London. The London underground does not reach out this far, but Hayes and Harlington Rail Station has regular connections to London Paddington. From Hayes and Harlington Station, it is a 20 minute journey to Paddington, with trains coming every 5 to 10 minutes. Hillingdon is a very suburban area of London. It has a good public transportation system; however the surrounding motorways confuse travel within the area. Just off of Stockley Road is Stockley Park Golf Club, a few minutes drive from Hayes and Harlington Station. Recently, Heathrow airport officials have informed the Hillingdon council that they are planning on building a third runway which will require the demolition of 700 homes in the area. Heathrow airport cannot support the increasing air traffic it has seen in the last decade. If allowed by the Department of Transportation, the new runway will be built around 2020. Stay up to date by visiting the Hillingdon Council webpage. Hillingdon's local library, Hayes Library, is located on the Golden Crescent.

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