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Stafford 22554

At the very heart of Stafford is the Ancient High House, a beautiful piece of architecture which functions as a museum of the history of the area. It is a well loved part of the town and is located on Greengate Street. Another must-see is the Stafford Castle on Newport Road, which is one of the most impressive examples of a motte and bailey system that lies in the midlands. The oldest building in Stafford is St. Chad's Church, which dates back to the twelfth century. The town's central entertainment and cultural centre is the Stafford Gatehouse Theatre on Eastgate Street. For those interested in recreation and leisure activities, the town recently opened the new Stafford Leisure Centre on Lammascote Road. The centre offers a swimming pool, fitness studio, sports hall, massage suite and gym. The town's most popular shopping area is along Greengate Street, where the Guildhall Shopping Centre is located. Some of more popular local pubs and bars in Stafford include The Lord Nelson's on Eastgate Street, the Chicago Rock Café on Bridge Street, and The Greyhound Inn off of Gaol Road.

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